We can arrange the following insurance for your protection

Life Insurance

It makes sense to cover your mortgage with suitable life so that your mortgage can be paid off in the event of your death, Protecting the home you love for the ones you love.

Critical Illness

Critical illness cover pays a tax-free lump sum if you're diagnosed with a serious illness during the policy term, offering you financial security and emotional freedom to focus on your recovery.

Mortgage payment protection insurance (MPPI)

It makes sense to ensure that you don’t suffer in the event of accident, sickness & unemployment by having in place adequate cover. This can be recommended inline with you existing cover from employer.

Income Protection (Permanent Health Insurance)

With an Income Protection Insurance you can receive monthly tax-free income for a certain length of time in the event of not being able to work through disability.

Business Protection

We see on daily basis, many businesses take out various insurances such as building, vehicle etc but fail to cover their business in the event of a death of owner or an illness of a key person.  Business protection solution can be put in place to ensure that the business continues in the event of such eventualities.

Buildings insurance

If you are mortgaging a freehold property, it is your responsibility to arrange the insurance of the building. The property is the lenders security so insurance is compulsory.

Contents insurance

Contents insurance protects your personal possessions.  Although it is not compulsory, it is advisable to have this in place.

Landlord Insurance

It is important to protect your rented property.

It is important that you disclose all material facts when making an application, such as any pre-existing medical conditions. Failure to provide such information is likely to invalidate any claim on the policy. Please take the time to read the Key Features Document for exclusions, limitations and eligibility criteria of the cover. Certain restrictions may apply as to the amount of cover you can choose dependent on the individual insurers policy restrictions.